Double Blind on PVM

by Madison Margolin, August 2020 (EN)

New republic review discussing the PVM

by John Semley, May 2020 (EN)

Erev Rav on PVM

Recommendation by Erev Rav, April 2020 (HE)

Time Out on PVM (HE)

by Ido Hartogsohn, April 2020 (HE)

Recommendation on PVM at Kan

Sohen Tarbut show by Kobi Meidan and Anat Goren, April 2020 (HE)

PVM Psymposia Story

by Russell Hausfeld, April 2020 (EN)

Lucid News PVM story

by Kate Belew, April 2020 (EN)

Haaretz on PVM

by Avi pitchon, April 2020 (EN)

Hakol Beseger Radio show (Kan Tarbut) on PVM

Tslil Avraham interviews Ido Hartogsohn (starting at 1:01:50) (HE)