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The Psychedelic Video Museum is the world’s first museum of psychedelic art and video. It is the fruit of  a decade long effort which began in April 2010, and the foundation of the Daily Psychedelic Video, a group blog that’s been serving the internet it’s daily menu of selectively curated psychedelic videos from across the web.


The videos on this website were carefully selected from within the Daily Psychedelic Video collections of more than 4,000 videos that were posted on the website between April 2010 and April 2020. Together, they constitute the first ever attempt to showcase the variety and creativity of psychedelic video artists from across the globe, since early 20th century and to this day.


You can roam our virtual exhibition halls choosing to advance chronologically, from early 20th century psychedelia to this day, or by region, by exploring global hotspots of psychedelic creativity such as Germany, France, China, Japan and Israel. Alternatively, you can also explore psychedelic videos of different themes, styles and moods: feelgood psychedelia, contemplative psychedelia, marine psychedelia, poppy psychedelia or hip-hop psychedelia.


Whichever way you decide to move through these collections, be sure to do so in an explorative psychedelic frame of mind.  These videos are a mindstate-dependent form of art. They don’t have to be viewed under the influence to be enjoyed, but they dramatically benefit from a relaxed, fanciful, contemplative gaze which allows the shapes and colors on the screen to resonate in our minds and bodies.

Psychedelic Video Museum Team


Ido Hartogsohn

Yael Leokumovich

Michal Budnik

Boaz Yaniv

Ilmari Lauhakangas

Aleksander Marcic

Samy Barkat

Michal Vexler

Eyal Gruss

Yahav Erez

Charlie Paffenroth

Matthew Shelton (FlexYourLoveMuscles)

Danny T (Complex Forms)

Christopher Corbett

Youval Cohen Zedek

Trixy Wattenbarger

Eran Kapaklili

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