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Intro: Mario Odyssey Frog Transformation

In 2018’s Mario Odyssey Mario finds himself transformed once again: this time into a frog.

Tetris Effect

In 2018 the Tetris effect finally got its own video game.

Jeff Minter: Heart of Neon

You cannot talk about psychedelic video games without talking about Jeff Minter. Teaser for the documentary Heart of Neon about the legendary game designer (by Paul Docherty).

LSD: Dream Emulator (1998) 

LSD: Dream Emulator is an exploration game based on a dream diary.

Space Channel 5 part 2 

Inspired by his experience with 90s european dance culture Tetsuya Mizuguchi produced Space Channel 5 and later REZ for Sega Dreamcast.


REZ (United Game Artists, 2001) was designed to give the player a synesthetic experience.

Katamari Damacy 

All cutscenes from the remaster of 2004’s trippy classic Katamari Damacy.



Beautiful kalaidoscopic bullet patterns from Cave’s danmaku shooter Mushihimesama (2004).

Minecraft Drop edit with ACID shaders 

An edit by KituShinji (2019) of several recordings of drops from high places in Minecraft (running with extra shaders).

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