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Could Our Universe Be Fractal? - Chillheimer

An exploration of the fractal nature of our universe.

6-ION - Julius Horsthuis (2018)

"Exploration, Colonization, Transmission, Examination, Excavation, Transformation".

Days of High Adventure by Open Source

A fractal, surreal and highly detailed amusement park animated by San Base.

Pouff - Weight Of The World


A fractal outdoor party.

Fractal Nature – Julius Horsthuis (2016)

Fractal wonders of the world by Julius Horsthuis.

Beats Antique. Puzzle - Beats Antique

Transforming fractals in this video by Beats Antique.

Birds of Paradise - Eternal Recurrence


Bird of Paradise track fractally animated by fractal master Julius Horsthuis.

The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2016 – Fractal Universe


5+ minutes of hardcore Mandelbrot zoom with some 750.000 iterations.

Fractal Video Feedback


Recursive fractal video effects.

Mandelrun – Julius Horsthuis (2017)

Fractal parkour chase in a 3d fractal world.

Where in the Universe Is Timothy Leary? - N/A Brummbaer


Timothy Leary has gone missing in a fractal universe.

Pouff - Other Earth


Falling down into the mandelbulb maelstrom.

White Rabbit (Remix) - Trippy Video of Fractal Deepdream Hallucinations (2015)


A fractal googledream exploration of disturbing hypnagogic worlds.

Surface Detail


A classic fractal video that explores the ever-evolving nature of a globe.

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