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Nightingale & Canary – Andy Thomas (2014)

Visualizations of bird voices. Great video!

Michael Levi animating John Coltrane’s Giant Steps

Deeply synesthetic video by Israeli artist Michal levi.

Étude – Robert Duncan

A synesthetic video by Robert Duncan who writes: “Étude is a conversation between an animator and a composer, that maps line, colour and texture visually and sonically.”

Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið (Official Music Video)

Sonnet for piano and smoke.

One - Michal Levy


Another great synesthetic video by Michal Levy who calls this video “a visual journey into music” trying to discover the visuality of sound.

Thunder Tillman: Alignments

Hypnotic synesthetic video.

Nathan Felix - Harmonious Harlot (2016)


An orchestral composition from Neon Heaven, Symphony #2, by Nathan Felix.

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