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A BOX with Secret (Шкатулка с секретом) – Valery Uragov (1976)

An awesomely psychedelic yellow-submarine-style soviet animation from 1976.

Контакт (Contact) 1978 – Valdimir Tarasov

Another yellow-submarine influenced Soviet animation from 1978 about the other, and how by getting to know the other, one can liberate oneself from fear.

Merry Go Round 1. Inattentive Giovvani (Рассеянный Джованни) – Anatoli Petrov (1969)

Awesome Soviet animation from 1969.

Cat in the Hat - Кот в колпаке (1984)

This is not really the Dr. Seuss’s eponymous Cat in the Hat, but maybe his soviet cousin, who nevertheless shares his penchant for hats and mischievous tricks.

Legends of the Peruvian Indians – Vladimir Pekar (1978)


An Ukrainian rendition of Peruvian folk legends by Vladimir Pekar.

The Colour of Pomegranates (Цвет граната) - Sergei Parajanov (1969)

This 1969 film by Armenian director Sergei Parajanov might be considered the Soviet holy mountain.

The Peace-Pipe - Irina Gurvich (1979)


Ukrainian animation based on the Song of Hiawatha.

A talking fish! ("Ух ты, говорящая рыба!") (1983)


A Soviet Armenian Animation from 1983.

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