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Freaky Flowers 2: Wilting Wonders

Getting old is beautiful.

BBC Life: Plants. Six month time lapse in one minute

One of the most complex shots in the history of natural film making. A one-minute time lapse shot showing the growth of a forest over six months.

Pasarinho - Rainer Scheurenbrand

Forest wonder.

Bittu Sahgal. She’s Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying For – Bittu Saghal

A passionate call for saving the planet.



Birds dance in the sky.

Freaky Flowers - Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom

The beauty of cacti flowers.

Seacock Spider 7 (Maratus Speciosus)

Spider shaman.

Pulse – Mike Oblinski


Clouds on the horizon.

Clip from Swarm (Natures Invasions) - Roul Duke


Fish swarms.

Washed Out - Don’t Give Up


Dropping acid at the zoo.

Amazing Nature – Chockchai Love King


The beauty of Flowers blooming.



Impressive geometric flock formations.

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