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Rendezvous - The Murf

Awesome music clip encapsulates the entire lifespan of life, the universe and the rest of it.

Larytta - Osama Obama (2014)

Brilliant music video follows the very similar/dissimilar life of Osama and Obama.

Water Fountain – Tune Yards (2014)

Jubilant upbeat madness in this extra-creative video by the Tune Yards.

Animal Collective - FloriDada (2016) 

Directed by PFFR. Animated by kyttenjanae & Caleb Wood.

LEON - Blanchard Thomas (2014) 


A kaleidoscopic rabbit hole. Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

Cut Copy Lights & Music (Video Art Version)

Directed by Ewan MacLeod.

John Hickman - Cascade  

Michah Buzan animated this spectacular psychedelic video to a song by John Hickman.

The City - Five Years Older (2012)


By the Swiss electro-pop band Five Years Older. Concept and animation by Koy Dirk.

Delorean – Crystal


Beautiful video directed, produced and animated by Joan Guasch. Track by the Barcelona-based Delorean.

The Chalk Line — Ice Cream Cathedral (2015)


Video by Yoshihide Sodeoka.

Vial of Sound | A Lifetime Passed 


Spectacularly video animated by Ori Toor.

Vladradamus. Morena - ✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ


Hyper-psychedelic combination of 166 gifs.

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