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Victoria Hanna - The Aleph-Bet Song (Hosha’ana)

Israeli singer Victoria Hanna introduces the Hebrew Aleph Bet to a group of earnest schoolgirls.

Digital_Me: Bike Rider - Smile From The Streets Of Rothschild (2013)

Israeli DJ Digital Me roams the streets of Tel Aviv on a bike.

My Dear Son Ephraim – Lehakat Hanachal

1960s Psychedelic rendition of a Jewish chant by an Israeli military band.

Shmulik Kraus - Shish Cham (1977)


Israeli singer Shmulik Kraus wrote this song about Hashish while he was in Israeli prison in 1971, and later recording it and other songs from this time in his 1977 album “The State of Israel against Shmulik Kraus.

Messe Kopp. Forward - Messe Kopp


Going backwards in the streets of Jeursalem.

Twenty Two Letters - Victoria Hanna

Kabbalistic rap by Victoria Hanna, based on the ancient “Sefer Yetzirah”.

Car Wash – Senka and Gal 

A car wash can be an incredibly psychedelic experience, if you look at it the right way.

Animal Collective - “Lion in a Coma” 


Breathtaking animation by Ori Toor.

Hashish - The Drug of a Nation – Boom Pam


A song by Israeli band Boom Pam.

Nicky - Roy Chicky Arad and Or Edry


Psychedelic green screen creatures in this video by Israeli writer and artist Roy Chicky Arad.

Ido Ammin - Complete Disconnection (SI Hanetek Hatotali)


From the film Eddie King (1992).


Taking place on an Israeli train line, this experimental video two artists as they do their thing in a wagon of unsuspecting passengers whose minds are about to get blown away.

The Geula Party - Choosing Good


The Israeli Geula Party call upon you to stand up and do what’s right!

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