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Acid Song – Jeffrey Lewis

The ultimate acid trip song.

Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times - My Computer Just Became Self Aware

Trevor Moore’s computer ingests DMT and has its mind expand.

The Altered State of Drugachusetts

A 1990s madcap parody of the 1970s psychedelic kids show HR Pufnstuf.

Hike Episode 1: Giancarlo and Nicole + LSD


Assembling Ikea furniture on acid.

Orphic Oxtra - Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof


One Green screen, one girl, one disturbing grin and infinite charisma.

Kevin Oeser. How Was Burning Man?

Getting back from Burning man.

Trey Parker Matt Stone Acid at Oscars


South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt get invited to the Oscars, then go to the Oscars on acid.

Mike Diva. Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ 2016.


Fantasies of Donald Trump as the ultimate sugar daddy.

Nippon Kazauwa 

A berserk parody of Japanese commercials.

Pineal Warriors - Egon & Otto Von Schirach


A pineal battle over trans-dimensional control.

Relax - Zoolander – Brainwash


Ben Stiller has a psychedelic experienced getting hypnotized by Mugatu.

Babies Going through Tunnels


Babies going through tunnels express their utter amazement.

Safety Dance - Men Without Hats - Literal Video


The hilarious literal video version for the 1980s hit has singer Ian Doroschuk take LSD.

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