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DyE ft. Egyptian Lover - She’s Bad (Official Video)

Impeccable video by DyE (Juan de Guillebon).

Moodoïd - Je suis la montagne

French neopsychedelia from Moodoïd. Video directed by Jérôme Walter Gueguen.

Space - Magic Fly Music Video

Superb video and chilly beat by French band Space (1977).

Enter The Void DMT Sequence – Gaspar Noé (2009)


The DMT scene from Gaspar Noé’s alarming film.

Romy Schneider dans l’Enfer


Unforgettable groundbreaking moments from Georges-Henri Clouzot’s L’enfer (1964).

BBBlaster Visuals 2 - compilation 2013 – 2015

By French Visual Collective BBBLASTER.

Moodoïd - De Folie Pure


More French neopsychedelia by Moodoïd. Video directed by Pablo Padovani.

LEON - Blanchard Thomas


Awesome video by Thomas Blanchard.

Richard Gotainer - Le Youki


Hilariously surreal moments from 1980s French TV.

Richard Gotainer - Le Mambo du Décalco


Some more hilariously surreal moments from 1980s French TV.

La Femme – Sphynx


The mystery of the Sphynx.

LA PRISONNIERE – Henri-Georges Clouzot


A classic though forgotten French masterpiece by Henri-Georges Clouzot, who did some groundbreaking work with kinetic art and psychedelic visuals in this film.



Directed by Pablo Padovani.

Three Women - Stereolab 

Psychedelic music clip Directed by Julian House.

Justice – DVNO


A rocking video by the French electronic duo Justice.

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