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Waterballet – Barbapapa (2018)

Surreal underwater beauty.

In in Motion – Macro Room

The incredible beauty of ink in flow.

Inside Me – Dmitry Zakharov (2014)

Based on a 3D scan of the director’s body. Music by Nils Frahm.

The Stunning Beauty of Flowers Exposed to Fire, Ice, and Ink


Colliding elements produce breathtaking beauty in flow.

SPLASH – Paulo Wang 

Aftereffect flow with beautiful colors.

Memories of Paintings – Thomas Blanchard (2016)

Thomas Blanchard’s memories of paintings delves into microscopic bubble universes and finds endless infinitesimal detail in the interactions between paint, oil, oat milk and soap.

HINODE (2012) - Tetsuka Niiyama


Virtual underwater flow.

GoPro: Endless Barrels Winter 2013-14


Surfer flow.

Lindsey Vonn at the South Korea Winter Olympics, 2017


Ski flow.

“L’Œil Du Cyclone”

Infinite fluidity in this video by Masanobu Hiraoka.

KINGDOM OF COLOURS – Thomas Blanchard (2016)


Master of colours, Thomas Blanchard in another high-rez video which goes into the miniscule and infinitely detailed worlds of acrylic colour mixture.

Galaxy Gates - Thomas Blanchard (2017)


No FX, just shooting with inks & paintings.

Soap Film, Incident Light Microscope - Gerd A. Guenther


Thin soap taken with a light microscope under incident illumination.

360 Slow Motion – Macro Room


Hovering colorful liquids flowing in 360 degrees equals supreme beauty.

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