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Zöld Intelmek Minden Napra (Green Warnings for Every Day) - Sándor Reisenbüchler

A 1993 Hungarian film delivers potent green warnings with impeccable elegance and beauty.

Wizards (Garabonciák) - Dóra Keresztes

1985 film filled by weirdly beautiful visions by Hungarian animator Dóra Keresztes.

Dnevnik (The Diary) - Nedeljko Dragić (1974)

By Croatian animator Nedeljko Dragić.

Fehérlófia -Marcell Jankovics Son of The White Mare, n.d.


From the 1981 Hungarian psychedelic feature film Fehérlófia (Son of The White Mare) based on ancient Hunnic, Avaric and Hungarian legends, and done as a tribute to ancient steppe peoples.

Sahakyants R. Wow, a Talking Fish! (Armenfilm, 1983)


A Soviet-Armenian folk tale film from 1983.

Keresztes Dóra: De Profundis

Indigenous vibe in this video by Dora Keresztes. 

Keresztes Dóra: Mosolygó Szomorúfűz (2001)


Beautiful farmer mythologies.

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