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Blockhead - The Music Scene



Anthony Schepperd’s video is probably one of the most psychedelic animations ever created.

Love and Theft – Andreas Hykade

Endless stream of permutations in this impressive video by German animator Andreas Hykade.

2001: A Picasso Odyssey - Bhautik Joshi

Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey rendered in the style of Picasso using Deep Neural Networks based style transfer.

Psychic Land (2012)

Spectacular animation by Argentinian production company 2Veinte.

Panda Bear - Boys Latin

Tour de force of psychedelic animation by by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch. From the album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.

Plasticity Unfolding: Wiggling World (2016)

A weird AI created world. For more information see here.

Playgrounds Titles (2014)

Awe inspiring animation. Directed by bif with sound design by Echolab.

COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey Visual Effects Making Of (2014)

Stunning animation sequence from the Cosmos series. Directed by Brannon Braga.

Liquid Stranger - The Gargon

Nature and technology fused in this video by Australian artist Andy Thomas.

Eric Prydz - “Niton (The Reason)"



Ecstatic Gliding.

Exquis, Kadavre. What Is Dead May Never Die (2012)

Chill video directed and animated by Kadavre Exquis.

Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying

A collaborative effort by some of the leading animators of our time, made for the Off the Air show, on a Adult Swim.

Disjointed Season One Animation Reel (2017)

Spectacular animations from the first season of the Netflix show Disjointed, by different animators.

Kingdom Crumbs - Evoking Spirits…

Spectacular video by Ori Toor to a track by Seattle experimental hip-hop group Kingdom Crumbs.

Paul White - The Doldrums (2012)

Awesome music video by Paul White.

Inner Space Artifacts – Ben Ridgway (2015)

Sparkling inner space artifacts by Ben Ridgway.

Volans - Murat Sayginer (2014)

Written, Directed, Produced, Music by Murat Saygıner.

Desert City - Space is Green (2016)

A black and white animation psychedelic animation? Never believe something is impossible!

Cupidiculous - Panop Koonwat

A frisky video about love, courtesy of Cupid.

Populous - Azulejos (2017)

Animator Emanuele Kabu explores Lisbon’s psychedelic Azulejos.

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