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Continuum Infinitum

Immerse yourself in the beauty of a finely detailed video loop.

Kisnou - In The Origin, We Breathe

Spectacularly contemplative music video to a track from Kisnou’s EP 'The Four Piano Centuries'.

Deeps | Guided Visual Meditation

A guided meditation on fractals.

Mirror City Timelapse – Michael Shainblum


Contemplate urbanity.

Multiuniverse – Tatiana Plakhova (2013) 

A multi-universe of spheres and forms.

Secret Friend - Anyway How

A rabbit hole of beauty.

Stella Nova on Vimeo – Ted Wiggin


Abstract dot patterns.

VideoArt3D – Stephen Thorburn


Kaleidoscopic trip.

Talos - D.O.A.M.


Beautiful video meshing together different scales and dimensions.

Chromophore [xCoAx version]


Originally performed in the Monastery of S. Bento da Vitoria for the XcoAx in conference, in Porto, June 2014.

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