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The Chase – Intel chip commercial

A clever Intel Commercial follows two protagonists on a virtual chase through OS windows.

Audi A5 - Pure Imagination (Director’s Cut)

Beautifully done Audi car Commercial.

Superflat Monogram - Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

The awesome Louis Vuitton Commercial by Takashi Murakami (2007)

7 Up Bubbles commercial (1974) 

Back when drinking soda was psychedelic.



An awesome 1980s cyberpunk style commercial for the Chokito snack.

Nisan Micra commercial by David Lynch

Director David Lynch dabbles with commercials in this bizarre Nisan Micra Commercial.

Lady Gaga Fame - A film by Steven Klein (+ THE MASSACRE)


An impressive perfume commercial by Steven Klein featuring lady Gaga.

Empire Hyundai: 2011 Hyundai Elantra Deprogramming


A car commercial promises to deprogram your mind.

Flying Lotus | New Machine For Living (Moog commercial)


Moog Synthesizer commercial with Flying Lotus on the soundtrack.

LEVI’S “Evolution” TV COMMERCIAL 1970’s 

A 1970s psychedelic commercial for Levi’s.

Lovely Moon. The Rainbow Sponge


An out of its mind Rainbow Sponge commercial.

Japanese Cup Noodle Commercial


Japanese commercials tend to go berserk.

Nippon Kazauwa 

This over the top Japanese commercial is actually a Finnish parody on over the top Japanese videos. Done so well, it became an internet hit.

Yoplait – Shtoozim


An especially riveting Israeli Yoghurt commercial from the early 2010s.

Dial Dry Anti-Perspirant Commercial


A mod style 1971 commercial. Wearing a deodorant has never been more mind-altering.

New Slusho Commercial: Happy Expressions! 

An amusing Japanese Slusho commercial.

Okuda - Kaos Temple 

Painting a church psychedelic in this Redbull commercial.

Aureola perfume commercial - Champagne Valentine and Petrovsky & Ramone

An arresting commercial for the Aureola Brand by Champagne Valentine and Petrovsky & Ramone.

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