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Wang Rong Rollin Chick Chick (王蓉 - 小雞小雞) (2014)

The demented tale of a crazed chick performed by Chinese pop star Wang Rong Rollin.

LuYang Delusional Mandala by LuYang (2015)

A disturbing but strangely attractive animation by Chinese conceptual artist LuYang.

What’s China Gonna Do? - New China TV (2013)

Fancy some psychedelic Chinese government propaganda?

Wang Wen - The Dirty Pond (2010)


Music video by the Chinese post-rock group Wang Wen.

Jungle of desire – WongPing


By Hong-Kong video artist Wong Ping.

Buddha with Thousand Hands

Some swirling choreographic beauty, of the Buddha with a thousand hands.



Some VR magic from China’s Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF).

My...MY... – Lei Lei (2011)


A person wakes up naked and embarks on a strange journey.

The Chinese Lantern Festival


A glimpse into China’s most psychedelic festival.

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