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*Art with a psychedelic tinge

Submarine Sandwich – PES

A deliciously psychedelic sandwich by the Oscar and Emmy-nominated stop-motion director PES.

NOT MINE – Guy Trefler (2014)

A video composed exclusively on replicated logos and symbols, by Israeli artist Guy Trefler

The Garden of Emoji Delights Triptych Animation - Carla

An Emoji version of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

Excerpt from Civilization (Megaplex) by Marco Brambilla (2008) 

Impressive excerpt from the 2008 movie Civilization.

Life Raft for a Death Trip – Android Jones (2014)

Time lapse video of psychedelic artist Andorid Jones in work

Emergence Lab – Thomas Medicus 2015

A hand painted anamorphic sculpture

WoodSwimmer - bfophoto

Psychedelic woodwork.

Metafold 02 - Can Buyukberber

Part of virtual kinetic sculpture series called “Multiverse”.

Numen Light - Vernissage 2.10.2009

A deceptive sculpture of light from the Vienna design week 2009.

Tapis Magiques - Miguel Chevalier (2014)

An Interactive Virtual Reality Art Exhibition in Casablanca.

Loveletter 恋文

A love letter to you, by Elstran Bros.

Nicolas Schöffer - Cyspe (1959)

Kinetic art by cybernetic artist Nicolas Schöffer.

Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in You’re Eternal... – Amy Logheart

Campy psychedelic film by artist Amy Logheart

Emilio.Jp (2014)

An improvised video by Web artist Emilio.Jp

BLOOMS 2: Strobe Animated Sculptures - John Edmark

3D printed strobe animated sculptures.

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