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Georges Schwitzgebel – Jeu (2006)

Spectacular animation by Georges Schwitzgebel.

Mind Frame – Jake Fried (2016)

The psychedelic psycho-phrenic world of Jake Fried.

Thee Oh Sees - The Lens

Video by Alex Theodoropulos.

Gerrit van Dijk - Pas a Deux


The eternal male archetype with its many forms goes on a dance with the eternal female archetype with its many forms, shapeshifting across the dance floor.

Jake Fried - The Deep End (2013)


Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out and coffee.

Homme sans Ombre (the man without shadow) - Georges Schwizgebel (2004)

The enchanting world of swiss animator Geroges Schwitzgebel in a 2004 award-winning film.

MIXED UP - Micah Buzan (2014)


Psychedelic Animation and song by the gifted artist Micah Buzan.

Moon Duo - Cold Fear (2017)


Animated by Micah Buzan.

Secret Friend - Diving In A Sea Of Light (2016)


A melange of styles in this video animated by Micah Buzan.

Secret Friend – Do You? (2016)


Another gift from the imagination of Micah Buzan.

Sick Leave - Jake Fried


Jake Fried takes a Sick Leave to hang out with the night creatures.

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