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The Bugaloos - Senses Of Our World (1970)


An awe fully naïve and beautiful song from the 1970s psychedelic kids show The Bugaloos.

Mama Cass Sings in Pufnstuf (1970)



The legendary Mama Cass sings in the psychedelic TV Show HR Pufnstuf.

Street Musique – Ryan Larkin (1972)


Classic video by Candian animator Ryan Larkin.

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days-French Windows (1972)


The original music video by Pink Floyd’s 1970s house animator Iam Emes.

Gong - Dynamite (Dr. Pierre & Mr. Perret)


Progressive rock group Gong in a particularly wild performance on French TV (early 1970s).

Pink Floyd in the studio (1972)


An experimental Pink Floyd in the studio.

Genesis - Supper’s Ready (1973)


A psychedelic performance video to the epic Supper’s Ready track by Genesis, which took up a whole side of their 1972 album Foxtrot.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer -  Pictures at an Exhibition


Full 1970s show by Emerson Lake and Palmer, complete with psychedelic visuals.

Tangerine Dream - Ricochet 1/2 (1975)



Evocative video to a track from the Tangerine Dream album Ricochet.

Vince Collins - Fantasy (1976)

By Psychedelic animator Vince Collins.

Funky Beat Addiction Tv. Santa Esmeralda - Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood (1977)


A funky 1970s video from back when people could dance.

Moonshadow  - Cat Stevens (1977)


A beautiful journey with Moonshadow in this 1977 video by Cat Stevens.

Space - Magic Fly (1977)


The 1977 space-vibe hit by the group Space.

The B-52’s - Rock Lobster (1979)

Awesome video by the B52 from their 1979 Album B52.

Dan Sandin -  Spiral5PTL (1979)


A psychedelic live performance from the Spiral 5 PTL series by Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, and Mimi Shevitz.

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