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John Whitney “Catalog” 1961

It’s 1961 and this is state of the art psychedelic computer animation, part of John Whitney’s classic Catalog.

llures by Jordan Belson (1961)

1961 16mm abstract motion picture by American artist Jordan Belson, who called this one: "space-iest film that had been done until then".

Romy Schneider Dans l’Enfer (1964)

The face of German actor Romy Schneider in this groundbreaking sequence from the French film l’Enfer (1964) by master of French cinema Henri Geroges Clouzot.

HenryBloggit. Acid Test Graduation Ceremony 1966 (Actual Footage)


Actual footage from the Ken Kesey’s acid test graduation (31st of October, Winterball Ballroom, San Francisco). One of the memorable, poignant moments of 1960s psychedelia.

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Supremes) (1967)


Vanilla Fudge giving a psychedelic and positively over the top rendition to 1966 Dutch hit “You Keep Me Hanging On.”

Psychedelic Light Show UFO (1967)

1967 Psychedelic light show from Mark Boyle’s legendary Sensual Laboratory.

Lumino Variations Nicolas Schöffer (1968)


Psychedelic kinetic sculptures by Nicolas Schöffer on exhibit (1968).

Sly & The Family Stone — Dance to the Music (1968)


Sly & the Family Stone giving some psychedelic funk to the audience at the Ed Sullivan studio (1968).

Somebody To Love/White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane


Jefferson Airplane performing live on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (late 1960s)!

My Dear Son Ephraim – Lehakat Hanachal


Even military bands were becoming psychedelics in the late 1960s. This one is a crazily psychedelic music video by the Israeli military group “lehakat hanachal”.

The Porpoise Song - The Monkees – Head


An excerpt from The Monkees 1968 psychedelic film Head.

CSNY- down by the River (1969)


Crosby Stills Nash and Young performing Down by the River, interlaced with shots of the Big Sur. Everything is psychedelic.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Beatles


From the film Yellow Submarine (1970).

Only A Northern Song – The Beatles


From the film Yellow Submarine (1970).

Walker Art Center - Hippie Modernism Teaser


Excellent teaser to the excellent exhibition Hippie Modernism bring back 1960s utopian visions.

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