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GUM - The Blue Marble (Official Music Video)

Awesome music video shows just how psychedelic clay can be.

MacroEV – Eartheater (2015)

Beautiful clay animation by the artist Eartheater with a tune by the Hausu Mountain.

Frank Zappa - The Amazing Mr Bickford Excerpt (1987)

Crazy clay animations from Frank Zappa’s 1987 movie.

Mushroom Tea - Altai Lelio (Clay Animation) 

The things that happen when there’s one too many mushroom in the mushroom tea.

Bolshoi Theatre clay mapping – Ilya Gilmanov 

Clay mapped on top of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Vadoinmessico - In Spain

A clay video by Rafael Bonilla to a track by indie group Vadoinmessico.

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